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Inside CES 2020, Day 1: Trends, Highlights And Anecdotes by Koosmik

Every day, Koosmik‘s team unveils the best moments of the CES from the inside. Through a mobile app Koosmik offers a free mobile-based financial services platform that allows both individuals and professionals to hold and manage an electronic account, real-time money transfers, process any type of payment, access a large network of partners and participate in a loyalty programme; a distinctive mobile banking experience from any connected device.
by: Koosmik
photo: Koosmik
featured: Matthieu Bracchetti, Founder & CEO of Virtual Rangers on Koosmik’s booth at CES 2020

Sony unveils Vision-S electric concept car

A 360-degreee immersive audio, panoramic screen stretching across the front dashboard, more than 33 sensors… the new electric vehicle by Sony has really got it all. It shows that Sony can still be at the forefront of technology and rival companies such as Tesla for cloud technologies inside a vehicle. No plans for production have been released… yet.

XRapid – Revolutionizing the world of blood sampling

xRblood is the first self-testing machine able to perform a blood check at home using patented Artificial Intelligence. Compatible with telemedicine, it gives a full blood count analysis (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets…) that works on the same principles as a lab analyst.

This technology will be a revolution for the blood test industry. With this innovation, patients will benefit from lab quality results from the comfort of their home with a competitive price. It is not the patient who goes to the lab, but the lab that goes to the patient.

xRapid Group has been rewarded for this technological breakthrough with a CES Innovation Awards Honoree prize.

Find out more xrapid-group.com

@Luxembourg Pavillon

On Fire! After landing at midnight, RoomMate pitches at 6:30 am in the morning at Village Francophone. #superheroes

Bad Beat! Food4All team installed and managed their booth by themselves on Day 1. #startuplife #strong

Ivanka Trump on stage at CES 2020


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