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Internet: A New Actor in Space

During the second day of the EBN Congress organized in Luxembourg, Michele Gallo, Chairman of Technoport, opened the stage by reminding the crowd that “Innovation is in our DNA. And, Belval is certainly at the heart of innovation with the presence of the university of Luxembourg and the headquarters of Technoport”.
(Featured Image: Jean-Jacques Dordain, former general director of ESA and business advisor in space / Image Credit © Anna Katina)

The link between EBN and Technoport was also reinforced by the Chairman, reminding that “EBN was one of the first partner of Technoport”. This long and lasting relationship between those two actors in the tech industry is key to the development of great projects in Luxembourg. Patrick Valverde, Chairman of EBN, also took the stand to emphasis that EBN is here “to give companies support, at a local and global levels”. Such help is certainly needed and is also given by the Luxembourgish government itself. “Luxembourg is an open minded and welcoming country in which we believe that exchanges lead to mutual benefits. We have made huge efforts to develop a strong startup ecosystem and intend to deeply collaborate to develop innovation” said Francine Closener, Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy.

“Luxembourg has developed space power way before becoming member to the EESA, with the creation of SES. And in less than 10 years, it has become the biggest contributor to EESA.”

On that day, we also did a short trip to space! One of the most inspiring speech came from Jean-Jacques Dordain, former general director of the European Space Agency (ESA) and business advisor in space. “You are in space everyday” he started off. “Space is part of our daily life and that is just the very beginning. The EU, and for a great part Luxembourg, now has a leading position in science, especially with SES being the biggest telecom operator in the world. Space is a fantastic laboratory for international corporations, and it is a legal tool to collect data and redistribute it everywhere in the world” he continued. “The value of this data has increased lately, driving high interests from the industry, with internet becoming a new actor in space”.

He emphasized also the big role played by Luxembourg “Luxembourg has developed space power way before becoming member to the ESA, with the creation of SES. And in less than 10 years, it has become the biggest contributor to ESA, with also new space resources initiatives launched, such as an investment fund dedicated to space activities”.

Jean-Jacques Dordain also strived the importance of three pillars in our future, that is innovation, corporations and education, space being everywhere in those three pillars. “Let’s build bridges, think long term and more importantly enjoy life!” concluded Jean-Jacques Dordain. What an inspirational speech!

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