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A platform referencing lawyers

When she decided to open her own law practice in Luxembourg, Bénédicte Schaefer, founder of Juridivox, encountered issues with her referencing on internet. “The idea of a website offering an easy referencing for the lawyers came up in my mind at that time. This added up with the general legal queries my friends were often asking me because they didn’t think of consulting a lawyer for that” explained the founder.

Bénédicte intends to help lawyers finding new clients and potential clients receiving more easily answers to the legal questions they may have.

Comparable tools exist in France but not yet in Luxembourg. “I want Juridivox to become the one stop destination for legal questions. On top of that, my goal is for this tool to become a confraternal digital platform for lawyers” declared the founder.

“Clients can navigate on the platform, look at all the profiles and contact the lawyers the most suitable according to their criteria.”

A simple tool

Lawyers must create a profile on the platform, giving as much information as they want to potential new clients, such as: their fields of practice, the languages spoken, their types of contact (email, phone), their education and professional backgrounds.

“The real advantage for the lawyer creating an account on our platform is the website we automatically generate from the info they gave us. Building a website for a young lawyer is costly and often not a priority, even though it is necessary to get a better referencing on internet. We provide a solution for such gap” explained the founder.

Clients on the other hand do not have to create any account; they just pay for the legal consultation that they want. The Juridivox’ platform gives them a detailed list of lawyers they can reach to receive answers to their legal queries.

“Clients can navigate on the platform, look at all the profiles and contact the lawyers the most suitable according to their criteria. The prices are often an issue for clients, and on Juridivox they already have an idea of the hourly rate practiced by the lawyer, as this is an information given on their profile” said Bénédicte.

Via the website, lawyers can be contacted by potential new clients by phone, by email or by an internal chat. Pre-payments to confirm an appointment are made, on the platform, in advance of any work via a Paypal secured payment.

Once the relationship is initiated on the platform, no actual legal answers are exchanged on it. “This is an important point set out in our terms and conditions: we do not stock any legal materials. We are merely the starting point for clients to find a lawyer, and then their confidential relation continues on the lawyer professional’s channel” emphasized the founder.

The consultation of the website is free of charge for the clients. The startup only asks for a monthly subscription of 89 euros for the lawyers.

A launch in Luxembourg

Bénédicte Schaefer has a bigger dream: reaching out to other European bars, finding their own specificities and create a European confraternal digital space. “Small law firms do not have a European network as big firms can have. Juridivox could be used by Luxembourgish lawyers to reach out to foreign counterparts when they encounter European legal queries on a file” concluded Bénédicte.

The website just went live in Luxembourg. Lawyers registering now get 6 months trial for free. Just saying!

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