Kussbuss, The Startup Acting For A Better Mobility

The startup Kussbus, incubated at Lux Future Lab, has officially announced the launch of its Kussbus – and its first route available from Arlon to Kirchberg, which opened a few days ago.

Our mission is to provide a modern and easy way of transportation, while reducing CO2 emissions and traffic jams” explains Jean-Luc Rippinger, CEO and founder of Kussbus.

Minister François Bausch for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, present at the press conference, welcomes this initiative. “I truly believe that digitalization must be used to create a better mobility. The government supports this kind of innovation, which is in line with our new mobility policy “MoDu 2.0” aiming at a better mobility offer for Luxembourg”.

Kussbus’ top priority is to provide a relax time to our clients, creating also a positive impact on the mobility in Luxembourg.”

Kussbus is a new means of transport, between a bus and a taxi, enabling you to go from your home to work in a faster, cleaner (with 19 seats available, 1 Kussbus replaces 19 cars!) and more relaxed way. The collaborative buses adapt daily to the personal needs of the workers by picking them up close from their home and leaving them in a spot near their work, without any painful changes and more importantly, giving them a relax time in the bus to sleep, read or work without being stressed by driving or packed public transportations.

You can book your seat in a bus via the Kussbus’ application, which is available on iOS and Android. You need to create a profile online, then enter your itinerary and a time slot. Via the app, you can also visualize the nearest Kussbus stop and follow the progress of your bus on the map “live.” Push-ups notifications inform you of any delay or change in the itinerary. A single ticket is now available for €4.95.

Kussbus’ top priority is to provide a relax time to our clients, creating also a positive impact on the mobility in Luxembourg. We are currently working on making available monthly subscriptions. Also, further itineraries shall be made available, especially with France and Germany, but also within Luxembourg,” commented the CEO.

Kussbus has entered into a partnership with Emile Weber that provides the buses. “Emile Weber has always been an innovative company and we are delighted to work with this startup. We currently provide 3 buses with professional drivers, that have been formed to the specificities of the application by the Kussbus’ team” has explained Robert Kummer, representative of Emile Weber, at the press conference.

Let’s ride together!

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