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Launch Of The Luxembourg Federation Of Startups

The Luxembourg Federation of Startups is live. According to its statutes, the purpose of the association is the representation and defense of collective professional, moral and economic interests, social and legal persons of legal persons habitually exercising an entrepreneurial activity or wishing to exercise it. Huge program!
(Featured Image: Elodie Trojanowski, Vice-President of the Luxembourg Federation of Startups, and CEO of Luxfactory / Image Credit © Silicon Luxembourg / Serge Deuces)

Luxembourg has become more attractive and more and more startups are setting up there. The work done to promote the country as a “Startup Nation” is paying off. According to Jérôme Grandidier, President of the association, despite the fact that many projects have been set up to encourage the development of these companies, incentives can be improved. The FLSU – Luxembourg Federation of Startups – has a triple vocation: to identify the startups headquartered in Luxembourg, to animate the ecosystem and to federate the expectations of young companies.

“Today, the startups have no representatives and it is difficult for them to clearly express their expectations to the government, public and semi-public organizations, or even large companies”, says Mr Grandidier. “Innovation is becoming a major economic challenge for the country. Many startups are now developing their business in the region. We decided to create the FLSU in order to share requests and set up a dialogue between startups and authorities”.

Startups and entrepreneurs are invited to register now on the flsu.org website. The next – and first – elections will be held in June 2019. The elected representatives are today Jérôme Grandidier, President, Elodie Trojanowski, Vice-President and Secretary and Jean-Marc Dreystadt, Vice President and Treasurer. The next Board of Directors will have a maximum of 12 members elected by the Assembly.

“Whether you already started a startup, expect to launch one or are interested in the new technology sector, you can become a member of the federation for free. All the sectors of activity will be represented. If we obviously think of digital, the FLSU considers that most new ventures are created today as startups”, explains Elodie Trojanowski. “The FLSU wishes to consolidate opinions around key issues such as the organization of financing channels, open innovation, etc. in order to facilitate the dialogue between this fast-growing sector of activity and public authorities”.

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