Luxembourg’s AI Model Is Now Accessible To Everyone

Misch Strotz, co-founder of LetzAI at the Luxembourg Art Week (© LetzAI)

LetzAI has now officially entered the public beta phase, allowing anyone to sign up to its platform, utilize free credits, and select from a wide range of subscription models.

Will generative AI images capture the minds of Luxembourg or is it still too early? LetzAI is bound to find out soon now that it’s available to the general public.

First launched in September this year, LetzAI is Luxembourg’s first local AI image generator, allowing users to create their own models and make use of publicly available ones. In its early access phase, over 70,000 images and more than 500 unique Luxembourg-themed AI models were created. 

Now that the platform is entering a new phase, it seems to be targeting local artists and creatives more, giving them the ability to create their own models based on their art, something they recently demonstrated at the Luxembourg Art Week.

“We’re offering artists and brands sovereignty over their AI models, and we’re doing so by adhering to European standards of data protection and privacy.”

Misch Strotz, co-founder of LetzAI

New users will be given free 120 credits to play around with the platform and decide whether they are interested in its applications. After that, they will be able to choose from various subscription models starting at 9,90€ and going up to 74,90€ per month.

While it’s still early days for LetzAI, the next few months will be important in determining how ready the Luxembourg market is for AI image models and whether the company will be broadly accepted by the public and more importantly brands.

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