Luxembourg High Schools Compete In First Final Of Practice Companies

Green Getaway from the Lycée du Nord in Wiltz wins the first prize (© JE)

On Monday, 10 July, more than 150 students gathered at the Chamber of Commerce for the first National Final of Practice Companies, organized by the Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg.

The concept of a practice company, “enterprise d’entraînement (EE) in French”, has existed since the 50s and has been part of the Luxembourg curriculum in select high schools since 2006.

Aimed to familiarise students with the ins and outs of a business and the market it operates in, EEs are fictitious companies integrated into a global network in which they can compete with one another. The idea behind these EEs is to put students’ theoretical knowledge to practical use and gain a sense of what it takes to run a company. 

For the first time, Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg has decided to give these EEs more exposure and have them compete in a national final. 10 finalists were chosen from a total of 21 companies from 13 high schools. 

During the final held at the Chamber of Commerce, the different teams pitched their EEs in front of a jury which awarded the prize for Best Daily Management and Best Practice Company 2023. 

Both prizes were awarded to Green Getaway from the Lycée du Nord in Wiltz. The jury’s favourite was awarded to Insane from the Marie-Consolatrice Private School.

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