Neossys: The Software Solution Which Deciphers Your Market

Neossys, a multi-purpose SaaS startup, wants to help companies and private equity actors get a better overview of their target market. With the help of advanced AI, their solution identifies relevant company and financial data and helps improve a variety of CRM related automation tasks.

Photo: David Pinneau and Antoine Hron / Image Credits: Kaori Anne Jolliffe / Silicon Luxembourg

Founded in 2017, Neossys is the brainchild of entrepreneur and CEO David Pinneau, who runs the company together with Antoine Hron, cofounder of klin and previous Head of Startup Development at Luxinnovation.

On the surface, Neossys fulfils a relatively straightforward task. By using advanced predictive tools and algorithms, Neossys scours the internet for publicly available data on companies which are then organised and filtered in a large database. While this may sound simple, Neossys offers a wide range of opportunities for private equity actors and companies interested in screening their market.

“How to efficiently curate data should become the only companies’ purpose,” says CEO David Pinneau.

A Multi-purpose Tool

First and foremost, Neossys is a SaaS platform that provides access to nearly 18 million companies and their key data which are sorted according to three categories: company, contact and financial data.

Back when people still ordered their coffees with regular milk, this menial task was the result of lengthy research done by assistants. Now, with the help of Neossys, this research process is automated, updated in real-time and organised within one simple platform.

While Neossys’ database has information on companies of all sizes, it is especially useful for getting and predicting key data on SMEs. Their advanced algorithms and AI perform a powerful search that can find key data on even the most obscure companies and fill in the blanks when necessary. This is not only especially valuable for private equity actors wanting to get a better understanding of a specific market but also for companies looking for new partnerships.

Besides facilitating market research and business intelligence, Neossys can also perform important CRM processes. By getting access to Neossys’ extensive database, companies can assess the quality of their customer database and enhance it with the missing information, thereby increasing their competitive edge. While Neossys is working on improving its profiling method and extending this service to all European countries, it is currently only possible for Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK (soon!).

Released only two months ago, Neossys is still in its early stages, concluding research and development and looking for the right product-market fit. However, having worked with one of the Big Four and a telecommunications company, their services are already showing signs of promise.

To learn more about Neossys, check out their website or try their 7-day free trial.

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