Nexfin, The New Digital Broker In Town

Nexfin is bringing new momentum to Luxembourg’s mortgage brokerage market. It is backed by the founding team of Nexvia, the innovative agency launched by CEO Pierre Clément that has developed unique digital tools for Luxembourg’s real estate market.

Photo: Vincent Quillé, CEO of Nexfin / Credits © Nexfin

A digital tool that’s easy to use and transparent

Nexfin offers a unique digital tool, available for free online, to simulate the costs, risk exposure and tax savings of each financial solution available in the market: fixed, variable, revisable and home savings schemes.

“This tool allows everyone to clearly understand the impact of interest rate fluctuations on the real cost of each financing solution. We are often surprised when we find out which solution is actually the cheapest,” detailed Vincent Quillé, Nexfin’s Managing Director.

Vincent Quillé has over 10 years of experience in banking treasury management, specialized in interest rates and trading of currencies. “After all this time working B2B, I had the real desire to bring my expertise to individual clients to help them better understand their mortgage financing.”

“Thanks to Nexfin and its digital tool, clients can take an informed-decision and settle with less costly mortgage.”

Nexfin came to life from a personal experience. “Few years back, I started looking out to buy an apartment in Luxembourg. I contacted a broker from whom I didn’t receive useful advice. I was looking for ways to reduce the cost of my mortgage. All I got was the interest rates I could expect for my acquisition,” told Quillé.

Through this experience, he started to develop his own tool to evaluate the real costs and risks depending on the chosen solutions for his mortgage. “Discussing with people around me, it appeared clear that they were eager to receive such information when deciding their mortgages,” said Vincent.

With this “homemade tool” in hand, the co-founder contacted Nexia to help him turn his project to a commercial reality. “I was convinced that a digital tool was key to achieving my goal of assisting clients in the most transparent way. Nexvia’s expertise was paramount to me,” emphasized the co-founder.

“We share the same approach: offering the best product for the end-users. Thanks to Nexfin and its digital tool, clients can take an informed-decision and settle with less costly mortgage,” explained Pierre Clément, CEO of Nexvia.

“The tool is dedicated to a first-time buyer, existing owners wanting to change property and private investors.”

A tool to help you buy, structure and refinance your mortgage

Nexfin’s team intended to develop a solution to determine better mortgage solutions depending on the buyer’s profile. “The tool is dedicated to a first-time buyer, existing owners wanting to change property and private investors. We have set specificities for each profile to give the most suitable solutions,” said Vincent Quillé.

When it comes to selling, moving out or leaving the country, the tool can calculate the real cost of the mortgage over the shortened period, including the early repayment penalties.

Through a meeting, Nexfin can also structure the most suitable financing solution for the client’s profile and project. “On average, we can lower the cost of borrowing by 10% through a mix of several financing solutions. The cost is lowered even further thanks to the best rates you can get through our brokerage services,” highlighted the co-founder. This financing solution is not available online yet but only through a private meeting with Nexfin’s team.

Key point to keep in mind: Nexfin is completely free for its users. “Nexfin only receives a commission from the lender when a mortgage loan is effectively signed between our partner banks and a client,” said Vincent.

It has concluded partnerships with most of the lenders on the Luxembourgish market including banks and home saving institutions. “Once a client concludes a mandate with us, we aim to propose the best solution on the market”.

Since June 3rd, Nexfin is a certified and accredited mortgage third party intermediate by the CSSF. Nexfin’s first year target is to conclude 80 mandates and expects to reach 300 by its third year. Check out Nexfin’s website website and calculate the best financing for your needs!

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