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Online Yoga: Yoganect, The Spotify Model

Stream instead of going to the Studio: 40% of yogis practice yoga at home. Luxembourg-based startup yoganect unveiled it new yoga platform. The platform turns your home into a yoga studio. Practicing yoga becomes as convenient as watching your daily soap or listening to your favorite music. Your personalized profile makes it possible to discover new yoga courses and knowledge tailored to your needs. Elnura Ashimova, founder and CEO, gives us more info.
(Featured Image: Elnura Ashimova, Co-founder & CEO of yoganect / Image Credit © yoganect)
Yoga is booming in many industrialized countries

In Germany alone, according to the 2018 BDY study, 11.2 million people already know a little something about yoga. Practitioners can now access various online yoga producers from their home with one access pass. “Practicing yoga should be just as practical as watching the daily series on Netflix or listening to favorite music on Spotify,” said Elnura Ashimova, founder and CEO of the yoganect platform, founded in Hamburg in 2017.

Connecting yogis in a digital world with yoganect

Digitize the practice

The basic version is free for users and includes many networking features as well as a rolling weekly schedule with free yoga classes. Users who want a personalized yoga program and a larger selection can book a paid monthly subscription. With € 7.99, customers pay half as much as the average market price, and simultaneously have access to the videos of all participating producers and can practice yoga from the comfort of their own home.

The personalized Yoga Shuffle offers beginners a simple and intuitive way to find the right type of yoga and yoga class. “Around 19% of Germans want to start with yoga. Our solution aims to reduce the barrier to the first yoga class and help those interested to find the right class,” says founder Elnura Ashimova.

The application is also suitable for advanced users. The personal customer profile makes it possible to offer yoga courses tailored to the individual needs of the customer, whether they be beginners or advanced.

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