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Opening Up Its Network: Silicon Luxembourg Moves Up A Gear

Let’s accept that Luxembourg is a village where everyone knows one other and where networking is almost an international sport. This being said, how can you develop your business network and make sure you meet new people?

After two successful virtual matchmaking events in June and July, which brought together an average of 100 members and CEOs and facilitated nearly 250 meetings, the Silicon Luxembourg Business Club is moving up a notch by now offering a monthly networking session that enables its club to meet another community of startups in Europe.

It is the first hub to open the ball in partnership with Silicon Luxembourg: the city of Düsseldorf and the StartupDorf community in particular. Pre-register now.

Located less than 3 hours by car from Luxembourg, the city has become a strong pole of the German tech scene and of the Ruhr region in particular. “Last year I had the opportunity to participate in the city’s annual event, the Startup Woche, at the invitation of StartupDorf. I was struck by the dynamism of the city and its ability to produce nearly 100 startup events in the space of a week,” says Charles-Louis Machuron, the founder of Silicon Luxembourg.

Along the way, the idea of connecting the two hubs was born in the mind of the entrepreneur, who decided to open his network and make it benefit the community of Silicon Luxembourg. “The Luxembourg tech ecosystem is a family where we all know each other and where it is now, after five years of intense development, difficult to meet many new faces. Networking events were still partly possible a few months ago,” he says.

The crisis having passed through, Silicon Luxembourg had to find another way to support the members of its Business Club to guarantee them the added value in terms of networking. The two matchmaking events reserved for the club members and CEOs were finally the trigger for this new challenge: to open the Silicon Luxembourg international network built since 2013.

“The first feedback from the members confirmed my intuition that they were looking for new opportunities, entrepreneurs or investors they did not know. I then contacted several hubs that I knew to pitch them the very simple idea of connecting our networks. In just half a day, the new formula was designed. Whether it is with one or several partners in different European cities, we are going to propose to our respective communities to exchange and concretely find business opportunities” explains Charles-Louis Machuron.

See you on Wednesday 26 August for the first event in a long series. Between 14:00 and 18:00, all participants will have the opportunity to block twelve twenty-minute appointments in their diaries. The platform used will allow them to exchange intros beforehand with all the other participants and to possibly schedule other appointments outside the established time slot. The platform will then remain open so that members of the two communities can continue to exchange ideas. Pre-register now.

The next event in September will take the members to Belgium and then back to Germany and France before the end of the year. “With the Business Club, we want to concretely help our members and facilitate networking, especially at this time. Our next events will be mainly in this direction so that our members will have beautiful stories and meetings to tell,” concludes the founder of Silicon Luxembourg.

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