Paladium: A New Coworking Space In The City

Paladium is the latest in a series of coworking spaces set up in Luxembourg. Nestled in the Bonnevoie district, just a few metres from central station, the professional playground is sure to attract freelancers and startuppers with its decoration, its services, and its very attractive offer. I got to explore the place with Paladium’s manager, Fernanda Melo.

Photo: Paladium, the new coworking space in the Luxembourg’s city / Credits © Paladium

A few days ago, during an unrelated conversation, I learned that a new coworking space had just opened in town, and it’s owners were eager to make themselves known to Silicon Luxembourg.

“What?” I thought. I don’t know about that. I instantly wrote down the name and contacted Paladium via Facebook. A few minutes later, Fernanda answered and invited me to come and discover this new address on the rue du Puits.

The website, as well as a few photos and videos I had seen ‘till then had aroused my curiosity. I’ve also been told that it’s a coworking area in the style of Insta(gram) and Pin(terest), where decorators have paid special attention to decor, furniture, and accessories. I can indeed confirm that the atmosphere created on site is in sync with the codes of independents, creatives, and startuppers!

“In fact, Paladium is a cool coworking space with a green tech atmosphere where you can exchange ideas, collaborate, network and develop your business at a rather low cost,” says Paladiu’s manager. Fresh from Brazil, she will undoubtedly be able to make this coworking space shine and help coworkers realize the benefits of “working together.”

Over 300m2, everything has been designed to meet the technical needs and comfort of entrepreneurs: cafeteria, terrace, offices, open space with 40 desks, meeting room, lounge, cloakroom, intimate “box” spaces. Our favourite is the names of the rooms chosen accordingly: “Gafa” office, “Steve Jobs” box, “Mark Zuckerberg” box, “Jeff Bezos” box or “Elon Musk” box. A touch of Silicon Valley in Luxembourg.

Behind the idea are two experienced entrepreneurs (they’re cousins, too!): Alexis and Antoine. I had the chance to meet them and learn more about the genesis of this project. Owners of the premises, they wanted to give a new life to this loft in the heart of the city. After looking for offices for his startup Yaakadev, Antoine noticed that a “really” cheap offer was missing in Luxembourg and decided – by mutual consent with Alexis – to launch his own coworking space. It must be said that in terms of prices, the team has done well: 99 euros for the 7-day pass, 299 for the monthly pass and 800 euros for the closed office; all with the possibility of domiciled business and startup. And I’m not listing all the extra services offered!

Waiting Room
Green Zone
Green Sofa
Galerie des Glaces
Central Park
Box “Steve Jobs”
Box “Mark Zuckerberg”
Box “Jeff Bezos”
Box “Elon Musk”

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