PwC To Award The Next-Gen Cybersecurity & Privacy Solution

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The professional services firm will officially announce the winner of the Cybersecurity Solution of the Year Award during its 2021 Cybersecurity & Privacy Days.

On the 20, 21, 27 and 28 October, PwC Luxembourg is hosting its 2021 Cybersecurity & Privacy Days. The event, which traditionally focuses on the latest international trends in Ccybersecurity, will be also dedicated to privacy issues.

Digital Information: “A Lifeblood”

“This year, we have officially added Privacy to the Cybersecurity Days because companies should focus on both cybersecurity and privacy to achieve their goals,” Koen Maris, Advisory Partner and Cyber Security Leader of PwC Luxembourg, explains.

“As companies increasingly pivot toward a digital business model, exponentially more data is generated and shared among organizations, partners and customers. This digital information has become the lifeblood of the interconnected business ecosystem and is increasingly valuable to organizations – and to skilled threat actors”.

The four-day program will include two virtual sessions dedicated to Data Protection Officers (“PwC DPO Meet Up”, on 20 October) and to the local Cybersecurity community (“PwC Cybersecurity Community Call”, on 21 October).

On 27 October a “CEO Corner” session will be held in-person, followed by a CISO & DPO Corner event (in-person & virtual) on 28 October.

The guest-speaker panel includes Tine A. Larsen (Chair, (Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données, CNPD), Christina Lekati (Social Engineering Trainer & Consultant, Cyber Risk GmbH, Paul de Hert (Full professor Vrije Universiteit Brussels & Associated Professor Tilburg University) and Paul Oor (Security and Data Protection Consultant, Shared Experiences).

“This year, we have officially added Privacy to the Cybersecurity Days because companies should focus on both cybersecurity and privacy to achieve their goals.”

Cybersecurity Solution Of The Year Award

After an international call for submissions, PwC Luxembourg has selected five Ccybersecurity companies with relevant solutions for the Luxembourgish market.

Five Cybersecurity next-gen solutions were selected during a pitching competition. The candidate that demonstrates excellence at all levels, from strategy to execution, will be announced during the Awards Night on 28 October. The winner will receive the Cybersecurity Solution of the Year Award.

The 2021 five finalists are:


(Solution categories: Cyber Risk Management, Hybrid Security Posture Management)

Headquartered in Israel, the company offers continuous security posture assessment to preempt threats from becoming the next kill chain vector. In addition, CISOs can leverage Cymptom’s security posture assessment to discuss the true cost and effectiveness of their cyber investments – existing and future. CISOs can rely on Cymptom to understand how to support business/operational initiatives without compromising on good cybersecurity.

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(Solution categories: Third party management, Privacy)

The Swiss SaaS platform provides on-demand data clean rooms based on confidential computing. Easily and securely work on sensitive data assets – encrypted at all times. The most valuable data is often sensitive and restricted in how it can be used.

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(Solution categories: Cyber Threat Intelligence, Incident Detection & Response, Cyber Risk Management, AI for Cyber)

Finland-based Hoxhunt is a Human Cybersecurity Platform that protects organizations and their employees from the risk of cyber attacks. Hoxhunt empowers employees with the skills and confidence to recognize and respond to attacks wherever they arise and provides security teams with real-time visibility into threats so they can react fast and limit their spread. The entire platform is autonomous, freeing up considerable time and allowing security teams to focus on what matters.

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Keyless Technologies

(Solution categories: Endpoint Security, Identity & Access Management, Regulatory/Compliance, Privacy)

The UK company helps organizations to enhance security and compliance, without having to compromise on user-experience. It’s privacy-first authentication and identity management solutions serve the full spectrum of workforce and consumer authentication use cases. Currently, Keyless has two products for commercial use, the Keyless Authenticator™, and the Keyless SDK™.

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Nymiz Software Company

(Solution categories: Privacy)

Operating from Spain, Nymiz has developed a software tool for the anonymization and pseudo-anonymization of personal data that allows companies and public administrations to protect the privacy of the personal data of their clients, suppliers and stakeholders in sectors such as health, finance, insurance and legal, maintaining the analytical value of these and ensuring compliance with the Data Protection laws.

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