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Self-Disinfecting Plasma Masks By MPG At The Cutting Edge Of Research

Molecular Plasma Group (MPG), a young company based in the Technoport of Foetz, has developed a process for manufacturing self-disinfecting masks to combat Covid-19. The masks, which are made in Luxembourg, slow down the spread of the virus.

Photo: Luxembourg Minister of Economy Franz Fayot visited MPG’s premises at Technoport / Credits © Ministry of Economy

The concept: a virucidal coating based on citric acid is applied by cold atmospheric plasma gas to the fabric of the face mask, which eliminates 99.9% of the virus in a few minutes.

Before the pandemic, MPG‘s molecular plasma coating technology was used primarily for industrial applications, for the use groups such as Heineken, Ariane Space, and Samsonite.

In March 2020, the company turned its attention to the health sector: “In partnership with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, we tested hundreds of combinations of application parameters and chemical components in order to find virucidal solutions that are safer and more secure for mask wearers,” explains Marc Jacobs, CEO and one of MPG’s investors.

For The Price of a Coffee

The mask was developed in collaboration with the Robert Schuman Hospitals in Luxembourg, which produce masks via their subsidiary Santé Services.

“These masks will be available for purchase online, starting next year, and only for the price of a coffee,” says Jacobs. “The prototypes for the tests and CE certification have been produced using our research and development facilities. The first machines for coating the rolls used in the production of masks will also be available next year.

During a visit to the Foetz Technoport on December 16, the Minister of Economy – Franz Fayot, signed a co-financing agreement with MPG, within the framework of the virucidal research and investment project, aimed at combating the health crisis through the production of hospital and medical equipment in Luxembourg.

Founded in 2016, Molecular Plasma Group is a spin-off of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the Flemish Institute for Technology Development (VITO).

The startup currently employs 13 people at its Luxembourg headquarters and has two subsidiaries in Belgium and the UK. In 2019, it participated in the Fit 4 Start Health Tech startup support programme.

Towards the end of his visit, the Minister also met with three other Technoport startups: LEKO Labs, which developed a patented technology for the construction of affordable zero-carbon housing; GCL, the R&D centre of the Guala Closures International Technologies group, working on connected caps and closures; and iNUI Studio, which has developed and patented AIR TOUCH®, a contactless interaction technology dedicated to the public space, which avoids transmission of germs between the user and the screen.

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