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Should-Have Pro Footballers, Broadcast Gameplay

LuxFootball is the first amateur permanent football league in Luxembourg. Amateur players from all walks of life can join the community to express their passion for the game and maintain a healthy lifestyle through community and exercise. (Photo by ÁLVARO MENDOZA on Unsplash)

It’s no secret that football is a beloved sport, but the Luxembourg corporate community may have underestimated how true this is true in the small country. In fact, the proof is in the pudding. The original initiative, Lux Summer League, began two years ago. Given the overwhelming interest, a year-round, full-scale league is born: LuxFootball.


The amateur player profile is made up of the following:
• Age: 20-50 years
• Gender: male
• Education: post-secondary
• Income: above average
• Nationality: all of course!


The vision is that this league grow into a multicultural environment, with community building and cross-company networking centered on the most popular game in the world. In addition to games themselves, players will have the opportunity to gather around league analysis—an unprecedented element in Luxembourgish amateur leagues.

That is to say, live-streamed games

LuxFootball TV will broadcast each match over a free internet channel to keep an eye on competition and observe long-term prospects. On the same website, players will have access to:
• Game rules
• News
• Results
• Team composition
• Team and player statistics
• Game playbacks
• Highlights and top goals

Corporate teams confirming their participation in the first season total around 20,000 employees, which constitutes a solid base of traffic to grow both the community and the website.

Join today

Anyone can join as part of a corporate team or a casual team composed by friends. Register your team today and play in a small summer tournament before the year-round, full-scale league will start in autumn this year.

If you would like to join but you don’t have a team, you can register as an individual player and you will have the chance to join other teams that are looking for additional players.


For companies wishing to support this initiative and advertise their products/services, there is a tier of sponsorship opportunities through different packages for any budget. Moreover, the sponsors will contribute to a dedicated corporate social responsibility program which supports the non-profit organisations and startups from different domains and charity events. You can contact Bogdan Toader for more information.


Bogdan Toader is a Romanian national and serial entrepreneur in Luxembourg. He has already launched an amateur football league in Romania and several companies in the Grand-Duchy. He is the cofounder of LuxCreators, a media company that offers broadcasting live events services, the principal of which is sporting events, using an innovative 180 degree camera system.

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