SportActivator, The Booking Platform For Fitness Lovers

You will gladly meet him on a tennis court training future champions. When he changes sides, he transforms into his entrepreneurial clothes and develops a platform that is close to his heart. The goal? Connecting experienced online coaches with fitness enthusiasts. Here’s our quick interview with Czech entrepreneur Jan Michalek.

Photo: Jan Michalek aims at expanding the team of VIP Coaches to bring a growing number of special experiences to the clients / Credits © SportActivator

Tell us about SportActivator.

SportActivator is an online platform with a team of experienced online coaches providing fitness sessions worldwide.

Fitness enthusiasts can book their personal coach and participate in live workout sessions in areas such as general fitness, yoga, kickboxing, and many others.

Participants can workout from home, or even from a hotel room when travelling. The coaches are ready whenever—and wherever—they are.

How did you come up with the idea?

While travelling as a tennis coach, I wanted to be in contact with the players and clients I was coaching. During this time, they’d send me a video, and I’d send them one in response showing them slow motion movements, along with explanations and tips that I wanted them to focus on.

To excel in any sport, it’s not enough to practise just one part of the sport. You need to improve in other areas as well. For this reason, I created a team of coaches who focus on fitness, flexibility and mental state.

What are your products/services?

We provide live, interactive lessons where the coach spends time with participants. Each lesson is presented in a fun way, offering a balanced, personalised regime.

Our most popular sessions include bodyweight fitness and yoga classes.

We offer an option in our VIP section to receive a lesson from a former World Kickboxing Champion and EFC fighter or you can “travel“ to India for your morning Yoga class. We are preparing more of these types of sessions.

We currently have four packages available: Mindful Movement, Stay Fit, High Intensity and Cardio Weight Loss.

Who are your clients/partners/customers?

Sport lovers of all ages. People who like to move and take care of their bodies with regular workouts.

What is your business model?

The SportActivator business model is based on these three words:

Diversity – Coaches and athletes from around the world brought together by a single online platform.

Freedom – Workout with a private coach wherever you are, whenever you want.

Interaction – Live feedback and valuable support from your coach to reach your goals.

What’s next?

Expanding our team of VIP Coaches to bring a growing number of special experiences to our clients.

We also look forward to cooperating with companies who would like to treat their employees to special care, providing SportActivator services to staff as part of their benefits package, company perks or rewards.

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