Spuerkeess Adopts myTax From VIREO

Christophe Medinger, Christophe Medinger, Deputy Head of Business Unit « Digitalisation » at Spuerkess and Jonathan Marroyen, CEO of VIREO (Photo © Spuerkeess)

Luxembourg bank Spuerkeess has signed a partnership with startup VIREO, enabling individual customers to use the digital tax assistant for their tax returns.

The financial institution will offer the myTax application, a digital tax assistant guiding users through their tax return, with a simple questionnaire. The application is aimed at both resident and non-resident taxpayers, regardless of their situation. No tax knowledge is required.

To make the task as easy as possible, S-Net, the bank’s secure space, pre-fills the myTax questionnaire with information automatically detected among the client’s financial transactions (interest expenses, insurance premiums, donations, etc.).

At the end of the questionnaire, the user will receive a report presenting in an understandable way the obligations or advantages of filing a tax return (or an annual statement).

The application then proposes the different tax methods, as well as the amount to be recovered or paid to the Direct Tax Administration.

The client will then be able to download his form and its annexed documents fully completed, optimised and ready to be sent.

During the second year of use, customers will then be able to adapt the information entered in the previous year.

“Problem solved with myTax. As you answer the questions, myTax assigns you all the tax benefits your household is entitled to. No more searching for the latest tips or reading tax guides,” says Jonathan Marroyen, CEO of VIREO.

myTax is available in the Fiscal Space on S-Net Desktop: spuerkeess.lu/mytax

Founded in 1856, Spuerkeess is a retail bank owned by the Luxembourg State.

Founded in 2018, VIREO is a Luxembourg startup specialised in developing innovative digital solutions for businesses, employees and citizens. Already an official partner of KPMG Luxembourg since 2020 and a member of LHoFT since 2021, it won the first GovTech Lab innovation challenge in 2021, launched at the initiative of the Ministry of Digitalisation and CTIE.

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