Steel Shed Solutions Raised €11.5 Million From NextStage

The long-term investment platform listed on Euronext Paris NextStage, partners with Steel Shed Solutions‘ entrepreneurial family team to accelerate the development of the digital platform for the sale of buildings in kit form. Steel Shed Solutions wants to accelerate the development of its business in Europe and the international market, in Africa in particular, and to position itself as the leading international platform for the sale of building kits and related products.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
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Led by Dominique and Vincent Lyonnet, the Luxembourg group Steel Shed Solutions is a platform specialized in the design and sale of metal buildings in ready-to-assemble with the best value for money. For more than 16 years, the group has been selling buildings via its websites by keeping the same philosophy: provide rugged, functional, easy to assemble 100% “do it yourself” and low cost metal buildings. The buildings are used for a variety of purposes: storage or livestock hangar, industrial building, agricultural structure, horse riding, etc. The clientele consists of both private and institutional players (town halls, ministries).

“Our shared ambition with NextStage is to make Steel Shed Solutions the leading international digital platform of the building in kit form.”

In addition to the efforts in digital marketing, the group is participating in many international fairs and has developed a strong user community so far. Thanks to this customer community, Steel Shed Solutions has buildings in all the French departments, and more globally in each of the countries where structure has been sold.

“Our shared ambition with NextStage is to make Steel Shed Solutions the leading international digital platform of the building in kit form. Strengthening brands and improving the user experience via a digital marketing strategy is a key component in the development of Steel Shed Solutions”, said Vincent Lyonnet, co-founder and Head of Sales and Marketing.

“NextStage opens a new era for Steel Shed Solutions. We have a development plan which will enable the group to invest heavily in its international expansion, especially by leveraging the NextStage AM contacts and networks,” explains Dominique Lyonnet, co-founder and Technical Operations and Administrative Director of Steel Shed Solutions.

NextStage will accompany the two entrepreneurs Dominique and Vincent Lyonnet in the long term, investing in Steel Shed Solutions €11.5m and thus allowing them, while remaining majority stockholders, to continue the expansion of the group internationally.

“The market addressed by Steel Shed Solutions is immense and very diversified. The entry of NextStage into the capital of group will allow it to structure itself in order to better understand the next stages for a rapid growth” adds Michaël Strauss-Kahn, Director of Participation at NextStage AM.

“This investment is in line with the fundamental trends favored by NextStage AM including the demand through digital platforms. E-commerce thus constitutes a unique growth reservoir on a global scale; a reservoir that the Steel Shed Solutions Group is able to take advantage of thanks to its online model for the sale of buildings in kit form,” says Nicolas de Saint-Etienne, Partner at NextStage AM.

The article is sponsored by Steel Shed Solutions Group and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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