STOKR And Apollonian Partner To Shake Up Capital Markets

Apollonian and STOKR have partnered up to give investors access to Apollonian’s sophisticated venture valuation tools through STOKR’s investment marketplace. The partnership will enable angel and everyday investors to make informed decisions, as well as access services that increase liquidity and performance of their portfolios.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
photo: LHoFT
featured: Arnab Naskar and Tobias Seidl
A new approach to capital investments

Modern companies have become increasingly knowledgeable and tech-driven during the past decade. The biggest and fastest growing companies sell data, software, or provide online services to their clients. Out of their revenues, over 80% are based on intangible assets, which are notoriously difficult to analyse using traditional financial models. This has led to a lack of transparency and understanding in venture capital and private equity markets. It has become a problematic issue for both companies seeking funding and for investors looking for good companies to invest in.

Apollonian helps companies to identify, value, and manage their intangible assets including: IP, knowledge, know-how, and networks. These assets are fundamental for business development and shows if a company will be able to survive and prosper in a competitive environment in the long-term.

“Technologies are developing rapidly, which makes it challenging for investors to fully understand them and invest in them. In addition, blockchain (which powers the STOKR investment platform), is an area where more education is needed. Together Apollonian and STOKR will bring more knowledge to both areas”, says Tuomas Saarinen, Chairman & Founder of Apollonian.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Apollonian in order to provide better investment tools and increased transparency to retail investors.”

Transparency meets education

Security Token Offerings (STOs) are going to catalyse innovation in the existing capital market, by opening up the same for small and medium enterprises, as well as everyday investors. Both STOKR and Apollonian consider Europe as the leading market for security tokens and the issuance, trading, and settlement which will follow the European MiFID II regime.

This partnership enables a new generation of investors to use investment tools, which have so far only been available to professional investors. By integrating professional due diligence, security services, and KYC/AML-procedures with transparent valuation, data collection, and continuous performance tracking, investors are able to utilise the investment’s potential offered by STOKR’s funding platform, enhanced by Apollonian’s 360° analysis.

STOKR and Apollonian are also working on solutions and tools that are going to provide a frictionless and smooth user journey to invest in top quality ventures.

“We want investors and ventures on STOKR to be exposed to industry pioneers. We’re thrilled to partner with Apollonian in order to provide better investment tools and increased transparency to retail investors”, explains Tobias Seidl, Co-Founder and Product Lead at STOKR.

About Apollonian and STOKR

Apollonian is serving a wide-range of clientele (startups/growth-stage companies, banks, insurance companies, family offices, VC/PE-funds, crowdfunding platforms, incubators etc.) within company research and analysis. Apollonian is a forerunner in intangible asset valuation with an IAS/IRFS compliant econometric modelling. The company has been serving clients from seed-stage to listed companies in 15 different markets globally with over 300M€ worth of successful funding rounds so far.

STOKR is a digital marketplace that allows innovative ventures to raise funds from investors by issuing securities on the Ethereum Blockchain (security tokens). On STOKR, issuers can launch EU-compliant security token offerings for both professional and retail investors. This is with pre-audited smart contacts, integrated payment gateways, compliant KYC/AML support, and on-chain cap-table management tools. And it doesn’t end there – there are also tools available for diversification and projected returns, which will empower investors to make informed investment decisions.

Both Apollonian and STOKR are part of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) and work together to foster the Luxembourg FinTech ecosystem.

The article is sponsored by STOKR and reflects only the opinion of the author.
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