Tech Incubator Technoport Supports PUSH.GR As Founding Partner

Technoport welcomes and supports the “Luxembourg Meets Liège” event which promotes crossborder investments into tech startups, one of the key goals of the PUSH.GR project in which the incubator is involved.

Photo: Technoport, the business incubator for high-tech startups in Luxembourg / Credits: Olivier Minaire / Silicon Luxembourg

Tell us more about Push.GR. What is this initiative about?

PUSH.GR is a project funded by the Interreg Greater Region programme. It provides joint support to companies from the Greater Region for finding investors as well as business and cross-border technology partners in order to set-up or grow a startup at an international level.

What is Push.GR’s goal?

The goal is to bring together the ecosystems from Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany and foster exchanges through bilateral meetings, business dates, conferences and personal introductions to identify common needs and synergies. As far as access to finance is concerned, the project aims at providing opportunities for startups, scale-ups, SME and investors to get to know each other and build upon the strengths and assets of the different regions.

Who’s leading it? Why?

The project is being led by the Ochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes (HTW Saar) who is a leading application-oriented university in Germany. They are willing to further foster innovation and entrepreneurship among their communities of students and researchers and are working with incubators, innovation agencies and other partners from the Greater Region to achieve that goal.

PUSH.GR Plattform für Unternehmer*innen sowie Studierende der Hochschulen der Großregion Plateforme pour entrepreneurs et étudiants des universités de la Grande Région

How is the Technoport involved in it? How do you support the initiative concretely?

Technoport is involved as an incubator with a very strong track record in terms of support provided to high-tech startups in Luxembourg and more specifically in terms of access to finance. We have been a partner in several EU projects in this field and our startups are backed with all kinds of equity investors, located all around the world. We provide relevant stakeholders from the other regions with a customised access to the companies and investors in Luxembourg, provide support and advice as needed to support the matchmaking between them.

What’s next?

Further matchmaking events are expected between companies and investors, but also investors themselves inside the Greater Region. Individual support and advice will also be provided to companies for identifying and getting in touch with the most relevant investors to fuel their international growth. Stay tuned !

Join our event “Luxembourg Meets Liège”

Mandatory registration is required via our online ticketing system as follows. The event is free for members of the Silicon Luxembourg Business Club.

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