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Name: Outdoor Journal Sarl

Date of creation: 2016/05/04

Address: c/o Technoport – 9, avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: ND

Website: www.outdoorjournal.com

Social networks: Facebook | Instagram |  Twitter

Capital Stock: ND

Funds Raised: ND

Turnover: ND

Founders: Apoorva Prasad (Founder & CEO) – Lorenzo Fornari (Co-founder & COO)

Staff: 19

Job Offers: 6

Field of activity: Adventure travel and media platform

Elevator Pitch: All the world’s best adventures reviewed and instantly bookable on one authoritative platform


  1. Editorial magazine and media platform.
  2. Online booking platform for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers.

Business Model: Content to commerce

Forecast: Creating an e-commerce marketplace in the adventure travel industry. We focus on high quality, high safety adventures across the globe. We are helping customers to choose reputable, reviewed outdoor activities through a curated website and app, and book them instantly.

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