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TiQuest’s Partnership With Payconiq Reinvents The Restaurant Experience

TiQuest’s latest partnership with Payconiq promises to simplify eating out for both customers and restaurant owners. Their digital menu solution not only allows customers to order and pay from their table but also promises higher turnover rates for restaurant owners.

Image Credits: Toa Heftiba / Unsplash 

Few sectors have been hit as hard by the pandemic as the hospitality sector. And even though restaurant and cafés have been doing their utmost to respect the health guidelines, some rules have been harder to follow than others.

While making sure that customers are a separated by a certain distance is easy enough to enforce, the same cannot be said for keeping germs at a minimum. Indeed, when ordering people all peruse the same menu as the clients before them which increases the chance of picking up foreign contaminants.

TiQuest, the Luxembourg startup that specialises in simple and affordable digital solutions has partnered up with the Payconiq to solve this issue. Although the digital menu is not exactly a novel idea, TiQuest has added a few tweaks which have the potential to increase its popularity and improve the experience for both customer and owner.

Going mobile

By scanning a QR code, customers can access the restaurant’s menu. Instead of getting an unreadable digital version of the physical menu however, TiQuest has optimised the menu to fit smartphones of all shapes and sizes. Adding changes to the menu has also been integrated to take less than a few seconds.

Additionally, customers can now directly order through their phones – no need for hand waving and trying to catch the waiter’s eye anymore. The restaurant can decide to route the customer’s order either to their tablets or their ticket printers. This leaves the waiter open to cater to the customer’s orders and increases the quality of their service.

Last but not least, TiQuest’s solution also allows customers to pay for their order directly from their smartphone. This is where Payconiq, the mobile payment and payment processing expert comes in. Their Digicash solution has been integrated into TiQuest’s solution which makes paying for your meal easier than ever. Three clicks is all it takes to pay.

Higher turnover

Managers of bars and restaurants have enough on their hands to come up with a solution like this themselves. That’s why TiQuest has taken matters into their own hands to make everyone’s lives easier.

TiQuest’s first experiences with their solution suggests that the increased simplicity makes customers order more and leave their tables sooner. Even if this solution is only half as good as it sounds, it might just help restaurant and bar owners bounce back from the terrible year they have had.

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