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Virtual Rangers Releases First Luxembourg-Themed Infinite Runner Game

Virtual Rangers, the Luxembourg-based virtual reality studio releases Lux Runner, the first game that is 100% made and played in Luxembourg. Launched just before the 23rd June, the Luxembourg National Day, it promises a fun distraction from the current situation and a safe alternative to usually jam-packed streets of the city.

Image Credits: Virtual Rangers

Despite Luxembourg’s digital expertise and presence, its small size and low profile have kept it from being the subject of a game. Matthieu Bracchetti, founder and CEO of Virtual Rangers wanted to change this. Indeed, since the creation of his business in 2017, he has wanted to make a game that puts Luxembourg and all its little idiosyncrasies at its centre.

With Lux Runner, Matthieu Bracchetti achieves this long held dream and gives Luxembourg the digital representation it didn’t know it needed. The “infinite runner” game whose aim it is to collect coins and diamonds all while avoiding obstacles and travelling through different Luxembourgish landscapes, also features another distinctly local character.

The “Roude Leiw”, aptly called Roudy, is the game’s main character and helps you navigate challenges and missions and even allows you to visit the Grand Duc’s palace, drive in the police’s Teslas and wear a top hat in the local colours. Another essential aspect of the game is its shop which allows you to spice up Roudy’s wardrobe and choose different vehicles.

Companies such as the BIL also make an appearance in some of the challenges where players have the chance to win the prizes on offer. As the first company to support Lux Rangers, the BIL already started its first challenge on Monday and will be joined by an additional 11 companies throughout the year. These challenges will coincide with some of the key dates of the Luxembourgish calendar such as the upcoming Schueberfouer.

Virtual Rangers’ secret sauce

The secret behind the startups success is of one of PwC’s Essential Eight technologies: virtual reality. While, for many, virtual reality is still a relatively foreign concept, Virtual Rangers has lost no time to tap into its boundless potential.

Indeed, some of their past work includes using VR technology to faciliate company training for ArcelorMittal, museum visits for Minett Kompost and in the real estate sector for Schroeder et Associés. As their website says, the only limit to virtual reality seems to be your imagination.

As one of the 20 startups selected to represent Luxembourg at the 2020 Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Virtual Ranger’s is well acquainted with the American market. That’s why Bracchetti is returning in June to pitch two new projects and as well as participate in Wisconsin’s Gener8tor accelerator.

Until then, why not try out Lux Runner and see how it feels to explore the digital world of Luxembourg in a locally themed Tesla.

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