vyzVoice Wins StartUp Europe Awards

Luxembourg start-up, vyzVoice, has been named overall winner of the ICT category of the StartUp Europe Awards. vyzVoice CEO, Robert Spicer accepted the award at the ceremony presided by the President of the European Parliament, Mr. Antonio Tajani.
What is vyzVoice?

vyzVoice provide solutions for middle market companies that remove barriers to digital transformation.. Our origins were in commercial building data but it quickly became clear that advances in IoT and big data were creating tremendous opportunities for companies in many sectors. However, while large companies were investing heavily in digital transformation in both infrastructure and services, middle market companies faced a number of obstacles in moving forwards – investment decisions, rapidly changing technology and limited in-house technical expertise. As a result, many of these companies have been limited in their digital transformation and use of data solutions to remain competitive.

This is where vyzVoice comes in. By providing off-the-shelf, customizable solutions, we remove many of these difficulties and make effective digital transformation accessible.

With each of our customers we work on defining their business processes and identifying KPIs for data analysis for all users in the organisation. Starting with a Proof of Concept, in many cases our solutions can be fully deployed in a matter of weeks. Our platform is device agnostic and integrates with existing devices so customers are not faced with difficult investment decisions or concerns about future changes in technology.

We like to see our role as taking care of the technology so that our customers can focus on their business decisions.

What products/services do you offer?

The foundation to all our solutions is our platform, Chorus. Chorus is a cloud-based application framework, developed to securely acquire real-time data from all sources, regardless of their technology or software protocols. With powerful analytic capabilities, Chorus delivers a clear dashboard visualization of real-time data, customized to the KPIs of each end user and enabling them to make data-driven decisions focused on business goals.

Our solutions are focused on 4 major areas – Data Center Infrastructure Management, Industrial Asset Management, Sustainability Optimization & Reporting and Comfort & Wellbeing. With full integration in an organisation the impact can be seen on all levels – from product development to operations management to expansion of customer service.

Why did you apply to SEUA16?

SEUA considers a number of criteria for their awards. We recognised that these elements also corresponded to some key tenets at vyzVoice – not just as an innovative start up but also in the way our solutions make a significant, practical contribution to sustainability efforts.

We are also actively engaged in European projects such as HEART (Holistic Energy and Architectural Retrofit Toolkit) – a collaborative project, supported by the European Commission that is focused on sustainability and resource management in building renovation.

Last, but certainly not least, it is an honour to be able to represent Luxembourg. Luxembourg has provided a very supportive environment for vyzVoice as a start-up and innovator. SEUA also aims to build an eco-system for start-ups across Europe and Luxembourg is an great role model for others.

You won the SEUA16 in the ICT Category, what does it mean to you?

We are really delighted to receive this recognition of the value of our innovations and solutions on a European level. As with all the SEUA winners, the award opens up opportunities for further European collaboration and development. We are also really pleased that with both vyzVoice and Apateq receiving awards, Luxembourg is clearly on the map of the European start-up ecosystem.

And, for the vyzVoice team, it is great to see our hard work rewarded and it is certainly cause for celebration.

What are the next steps of your development?

We continue to work on development of our platform and solutions, ensuring that new advances are rapidly integrated, security levels are always at the highest standard and that our solutions bring real results to our customers.

We are developing a number of partnerships that will expand our services to new sectors and users. As with all start-ups we are always looking for new opportunities for innovation and growth.

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