Why Is Blogging Good For Your Business?

Marketing professionals often propose blogging for companies and almost as often, the proposals get turned down due to the amount of work blogging brings. But why is investing in blogging actually beneficial for your business?

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Blogging helps you to be found

If put simply: search engines love relevant content and by writing blogs, you increase your chances of being found. While most of the company website stays relatively the same over long periods of time, every new blog post is considered a new page which increases the chances of being featured in searches.

Think about a consulting agency selling their expertise. Making sure the agency ends up on top, meaning the page number one of the Google search, may turn out difficult when trying to compete against everyone else in the same industry. Keywords such as consulting and business are common and widely used. By writing blogs about the core services they provide, and using correct keywords and naming the posts correctly, the consulting agency is found when potential clients search for answers to their questions.

Blogs can be transformed into social media content

Social media causes stress for many companies. The good news is, blogs are easily transformed into social media content, such as videos, text posts, and infographics. Consider it a double win.
Get referred by others

You are not the only one who can share and use your blog content. People use blog posts created by other companies and individuals on their social media but also while working on their own content. Think about the consulting agency again. By writing good articles about their core services and based on the knowledge they already have within the company, they publish material that has a high chance of being featured by others. This does not only give their website clicks but also increases their brand identity as thought leaders.

Answer questions

Blogs are a great way to prove that you can solve the problem of the customer – or the industry at large. Use questions your customers have commonly asked and write the answer into a blog, or take a topic that has been going around the industry lately or offer your thoughts.

Proof your professionalism

Publishing blogs is a great way to prove your professionalism. By sharing information, you pass on a message of knowing what you are doing and being confident about it. Would you be more confident to reach out for a consulting agency who has plenty of blogs circling around the service you are interested in buying or another one with nothing but a list of services on their website?

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