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10 Startups To Watch In Amsterdam

Next to London and Berlin, the Dutch startup ecosystem is already considered to be one of the strongest in Europe, with the aim of securing its place in the top 3 of startup ecosystems in Europe. In April 2016, the European Commission awarded Amsterdam with the title European Capital of Innovation for its strong stance on innovation in governance, economics, social inclusion and quality of life. The Dutch spirit of creativity and openness fosters a great environment for out of the box thinking and innovative solutions – an ideal foundation for startups. (Author: Rockstart)


Bomberbot is a game that encourages children to code in a simple, fun and visual way. By playing the game children will come to understand 7 basic concepts that are essential for any programming language. In addition, they will develop logical, creative and problem solving skills by creating their own characters and games and by sharing them with other people. – See more at landing.bomberbot.com


Cocoon is the Tinder for jobs. The app puts personality first to help job-seekers find the job they will love. With Cocoon both parties can quickly assess the other based on personality (and skills). If there is a match, Cocoon lower the barrier of getting in touch by putting them in a chat and forcing an informal coffee meeting. – See more at cocoonapp.co


Cognilab is a research suite for the scientific study of the human mind. Users can create cognitive tests, collect data and analyze results in days instead of months and Cognilab research-grade tools capture participant responses with millisecond precision. – See more at cognilab.com


DroneGrid is the pioneer developer of a smart cloud based solution for enabling unlimited autonomy, intelligence and range in commercial drones. The solution consists of a fully autonomous system of drones and smart docks that create a smart grid that is controlled via a cloud based application to perform various tasks. – See more at dronegrid.io


eGEO is a Colombian company dedicated to the research and development of embedded systems (systems with processors) for applications in robotics, internet of things, systems control, energy efficiency, and home automation. It provides services in prototyping and technological development at any level of complexity with very competitive prices and world wide engineering quality. – See more at egeo.co


Otly is a free platform that modernizes the way families handle pocket money. Otly’s mission is to bring the modern way of family banking into families’ households and to teach children the value of money. Otly enables children to master the concepts of digital money, periodic income, the value of savings, wealth distribution… – See more at otly.net


Recruitee is a SaaS recruiting platform. With Recruitee companies can streamline the recruitment process from creating beautiful career sites and promoting jobs, to sourcing candidates and conducting interviews – all in one place: fast and fun. Recruitee helps eliminate the hassle of hiring administration and focus on what’s important – finding the right people. – See more at recruitee.com


Teletext.io is the ultimate way for developers to manage content, offering content as a service for apps and websites – with Javascript. – See more at teletext.io


Tinybots are small social robots that assist the elderly with dementia by providing systematic reminders, personalized music, storytelling, cognitive therapy, and spoken instructions for daily tasks. Using an app, the formal and informal caregivers can configure a Tinybot for personal needs and wishes. – See more at tinybots.nl


Undeveloped is a marketplace for domain names that allows everyone to buy and sell domains simply and transparently. Undeveloped allows those that own domain names to list them for sale with an attractive landing page, rather than one laden with advertising and malware which is commonly found online. Buyers on Undeveloped can search through more than 20 million unused domains and get in touch with the seller directly. – See more at undeveloped.com

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