12 Projects Selected For Circular By Design Challenge

5 of the 12 selected projects were initially set up outside of the Grand Duchy (Photo © Unsplash)

The jury of the Circular by Design Challenge has selected the 12 projects participating in the programme’s second edition. The projects revolve around five major themes connected to the circular economy and sustainability.

Developing Luxembourg’s circular economy has become an import part of the national strategy. Supported by the Ministry of the Economy and initiated by the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster of Luxinnovation, the Circular by Design Challenge aims to enable the development of new design solutions and business models aligned with the principles of the circular economy.

“Climate change, global warming, depletion of essential resources: the need for a more sustainable society is urgent,” says Marc Lis, manager of the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster.

Focussing on the five major themes of Mobility/Industry 4.0, Fashion Design, Sustainable Cities, Luxembourg – Let’s make it happen and Youth, the Circular by Design Challenge is open to a wide range of participants.

“It is impressive to see the enthusiasm of these creative minds and their various ideas to propose circular solutions in the different categories. Luxinnovation is looking forward to taking them on their entrepreneurial journey, together with the partners, experts and coaches who will contribute to the coaching programme,” says Anja Höthker, Project Manager at Luxinnovation, who supervised and coordinated the entire selection process.

After a successful first edition, the Circular by Design challenge opened its doors to applicants throughout Europe. This did not go unnoticed, as 5 of the 12 selected projects were initially set up outside of the Grand Duchy.

“Climate change, global warming, depletion of essential resources: the need for a more sustainable society is urgent.”

Marc Lis

A Worthy Prize

The selected participants will start their 12-week coaching programme with two days of workshops on 13 and 14 of January. At the end of the programme, the winning projects will be rewarded with partnership agreements with industry leaders, giving them the opportunity to further develop and mature their ideas.

On top of that, the winners will receive €7,000 in prize money, a 4-week virtual accelerator programme provided by the US accelerator gener8tor as well as 6 months of free access to co-working office spaces. Talk about a good deal.

Selected Projects

Mobility/Industry 4.0

GELT (Finland): use end-of-life tyres to produce green roof solutions.

Green Earth Trading (Luxembourg): blockchain- based tracking technology to facilitate a circular supply chain for the agricultural sector in Ghana.

Fashion Design

Repair Rebels (Germany): digital platform to facilitate shoe and textile repair using local craftmanship.

Uthentic (Luxembourg): Phygital fashion brand aiming to reduce waste during the design and production phase and minimise stocking space.

WaterSports Textile (UK / Belgium): new lightweight NIM (nano insulating material) swimwear textile combining recycled polyamide with waste microplastics and integrated micro-tracers.

INFINITY undergarments (Switzerland): innovative business model to set up a circular underwear brand.

Sustainable Cities

on.perfekt Babyfood (Luxembourg) : use of local, non-standard vegetables for producing baby food.

SORĠI – LUX edition (Malte) : transforming construction waste into outdoor furniture.

Wasch (Luxembourg) : locally manufactured, ecological laundry detergent with circular packaging.
Luxembourg – Let’s make it happen

Colors of Luxembourg (Luxembourg) : locally produced textiles using reclaimed linen, e.g. from curtains in CFL trains.

Multi Purpose Balm (Luxembourg) : locally produced balm aiming to reduce the number of cosmetic products that a person needs for their personal hygiene.

RF:Cocoon (Luxembourg) : transformation of discarded fiberglass cylinders into light pieces, tested, upcycled, designed, crafted and built specifically in Luxembourg.


Empowerart (Luxembourg): online market place for handcrafts with textile waste.

Willop (Luxembourg): a collapsible, mobile bus stop for accommodating temporary road works and producing solar energy.

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