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A Shortage Of Talents: How To Attract More Young People Towards Cybersecurity Jobs

Data scientists, AI specialists, Cloud and cybersecurity experts: the digital sector is seeking new competences. Fatiha Gas, advocate of gender balance and Board Member at Talents du Numérique, outlines how to address the shortage of job profiles in France.

Forensic Expert: doesn’t ring any bells? Yet, it is one of the profile enterprises search the most. These specialists focus on the study of cyber attacks in order to counter them, while also trying to identify the vulnerabilities of information systems. The experts in encryption algorithms are also sorely lacking, together with the specialists in data protection capable of mastering both the technical, regulatory and human aspects. However, Fatiha Gas argues that if enterprises encounter difficulties in the recruitment process every day, it cannot be because of a lack of training opportunities. According to her, there is a more serious problem. “The digital sector still suffers from a lack of image, which creates issues in attracting younger people towards cybersecurity jobs”.

How to attract young people

“Enterprises should rethink their recruitment policies, and not systematically demand experience and expertise,” recommends Fatiha Gas. On the contrary, they should favor creativity and rely on the fact that competences are transferable. “Colleges should go and talk to the young people, and not only engineering schools. We have to explain what the digital sector is since middle school”. It is time to generate to vocations.

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