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Adobe Seeks Out Fit4Start’s Yotako

Adobe XD is here, and Luxembourg’s own Yotako, which provides a design-to-code translation solution, was invited to test the product in San Fran. Check out the details here!
Yotako… it’s Greek to me Silicon Luxembourg!

Almost, dear reader. In late 2016, Yotako’s founders recognized how difficult it can be for designers and coders to collaborate—it’s as if they spoke two different languages. To solve the problem, they created Yotako, a software solution startup that transforms design into code directly. With this innovation, coders skip the confusing “translation” from design to language and get straight to the good stuff. It’s a real time saver.

Yotako goes to San Francisco

So when Adobe XD came out, Yotako was paying attention. The team received an invitation from Adobe to test the new product at the Adobe XD Dev Days in San Francisco. Now, they have a new offering—the same Yotako, now with Adobe XD integration.

The Takeaway

With Yotako’s solution, designers can use all the functionality of Adobe XD without worrying that their work gets lost in translation. Yotako provides full compatibility with the world’s leading design software so you can get your app up and running right away.

Examples of designing into swift, a Blasterminds design, and even a design to HTML/CSS conversion can be found on the website, here.

Silicon Luxembourg has you covered for design and code-related news. Come back soon to see what Yotako does next!

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