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Connecting Creative Industries, Technology And People

Make sure to visit Nova Iskra – a pioneering co-working space that brings creativity, technology and people to Belgrade.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
photo: Nova Iskra
What are people looking for at Nova Iskra?

Since Nova Iskra started as a creative and design hub, we originally got people from creative industries, but as our community grew, we managed to engage a lot more professionals from different business fields. Based on the high volume of feedback we’ve gotten so far, people are already familiar with the Nova Iskra brand and they often come here by the recommendation. A lot of our members knew what they were looking for in a coworking space, and Nova Iskra was the logical choice.

From the beginning, we wanted to give people more than just an office to rent. We want our members to feel comfortable and happy while working here for 8 or more hours a day.

That is why we are paying attention to interior design, working units, offices and meeting rooms. We believe that your workplace really affects your business and work flow. That is one of the reasons why we have the only urban garden in the city center and it is within the office space. And our coworkers are loving it! Some of them even said that Nova Iskra is like a business hotel – everything works perfectly and they don’t have to think about anything but their own business.

10 Startups To Look Out For In Belgrade

10 Startups To Look Out For In Belgrade

The most important thing for us was to create a professional community that has a lot to offer and that our coworkers want to be a part of. We believe we succeeded, and our community is constantly growing. For example, if you’re in need of a graphic designer or legal advice, there’s a possibility the person you need is sitting next to you in the coworking space! That easy access to people can save you a lot of time, and lead to collaborations between businesses.

What makes Belgrade a unique tech ecosystem?

Belgrade, as well as Serbia in general, is still a small part of the world’s tech ecosystem, but that might be its advantage, because our market is growing and an increase in startups is yet to come. We have some amazing startups, tech communities, and organizations that support tech development in Belgrade. We can proudly say that Nova Iskra is one of those supporters, since we have a lot of startups as our members. In fact, our second coworking space in Zemun is mainly tech oriented.

What are the 3 startups you would recommend we look out for?

We would definitely recommend one of our coworkers at Nova Iskra Workspace Zemun: AllThingsTalk. And the other two startups would be Belgrade’s well-known, amazing startups: Strawberry Energy and Fishingbooker.

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