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FoodTech Startup StopMyCraving Brings Healthier Snacks To The Table

Are you a serial snacker? Do you have trouble sourcing healthy nibbles to stash in your desk drawer for mid-afternoon emergencies? Well, help is just a few clicks away thanks to London-based Dane Sofie Dralle, CEO and founder of StopMyCraving (SMC). Sofie recently launched a platform making more nutritious snack alternatives easily available to health-conscious consumers. Simply create your snack profile by selecting your preferences from a comprehensive list (from vegan and raw food to paleo and sulfite-free) and enjoy a customized variety of delicious and nutritious snacks delivered to your door.
(Featured Image: Sofie Dralle, CEO and founder of StopMyCraving / Image Credit © Silicon Luxembourg / Olivier Minaire)
What motivated you to set up SMC?

Food cravings have always been a part of my life. I used to have this idea that it had to be all or nothing with food – binge or starve! Everything came to a head when I was at university. I was studying from eight in the morning to midnight, so you can imagine how great my posture was… One week I had nine exams and my back just snapped. I was bedridden at home for three months and my cravings grew. Suppressing these cravings just wasn’t sustainable and I thought, “There must be a better way”. Inspired by the notion of turning something negative into something positive, and by encouragement from my mother in-law, I used this time at home to research, and I learnt something revolutionary: Cravings are natural and must be embraced. Realizing that we actually need to listen and follow our cravings was a catalyst for my quest to find healthier alternatives, and help others do the same.

What is the company’s vision?

To become the leading platform for easily accessible and natural healthy snack alternatives. We want to offer our customers the ultimate in convenience with the least negative impact on the planet and their own wellbeing.

“It is also crucial that producers and retailers in the industry question if social impact is a KPI they are measuring.”

Who are SMC’s main customers?

We ship internationally B2C, and B2B we supply primarily to hotels, office spaces and cafés.It’s a competitive market. What sets SMC apart? Yes, it is very competitive. It’s a 374-billion-dollar industry, superseding all other industries. I think what sets us apart is that we don’t claim to be perfect, but we do everything in our power to create positive change. That is the ethos of the company. We never compromise on this vision and always choose investors who believe in our values. Our goal is to make conscious profit, creating positive results, and never at the expense of people or the planet.

What changes would you like to see in the industry?

Lack of information and misinformation about food is my greatest cause for concern. In many countries, lifestyle-related diseases are costing governments billions every year and we need to start looking at what we eat from a preventative care perspective. It is also crucial that producers and retailers in the industry question if social impact is a KPI they are measuring. I also believe tax exemptions for businesses with social enterprise models could have a significant impact.

Which SMC snack box would you take to a desert island?

Tough choice, but if I have to choose then the organic Halo box.

Any healthy living mottos you live by?

Be good to yourself!

StopMyCraving is currently looking to grow and expand the business in order to provide natural products to more consumers, as well as to create a positive change for people and planet. If you would like to get involved, please register your interest here and a member of the team will be in touch soon.

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