#01 – Immersion at ExoAtlet

Have you ever wondered what a typical day at a startup might look like? What goes on in these tech companies that represent the agile and innovative parts of our economy? Who are these entrepreneurs taking the plunge? Why did they embark on this great entrepreneurial adventure in the first place? How did they manage to get a team on board? What gets them up in the morning? There are just so many questions.

Ready for a glimpse behind the scenes?

Join us for an hour as we take you inside startup offices so you can feel the vibe and learn more about what they do. “Immersion” is not a face-to-face conversation with an entrepreneur. No. It’s where we step into a team member’s shoes and walk around in their startup world.

This podcast is unfiltered, meaning that it starts when we open the office door and ends when we close it. It’s raw and uncut for a truly authentic experience.

What’s more, we’ll post a video teaser of the recording and some photos on our networks for an even more immersive experience.

So, plug in your headphones, turn up the sound, close your eyes and get ready to immerse yourself in some real-time with today’s startup.

Now it’s time to follow Charles-Louis Machuron, founder of Silicon Luxembourg around Belval, the tech hub of Luxembourg. Located just a few kilometers from the capital, Belval’s industrial-urban landscape is impressive: 40-meter high blast furnaces stand amidst the University of Luxembourg, several research centers, the university incubators, Luxinnovation and Technoport.

In this episode, Charles-Louis will be meeting ExoAtlet, one of the startups incubated at Technoport. He’s ringing the intercom, waiting for Ekaterina, Julia and the whole team to welcome him into their exoskeleton world.

Let the immersion begin!

[Lire la version française du synopsis]

Snpashots & video © Kaori Anne Jolliffe / Silicon Luxembourg

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