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In addition to the co-working spaces, the players in the startup ecosystem that have been hit hard by this pandemic are the incubators, spaces where entrepreneurs and tech companies thrive. Technoport, Luxembourg’s key incubator, has decided to offer one month of free hosting to the ~40 companies based in Belval and Foetz.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: Olivier Minaire
featured: Diego De Biasio

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For many companies are playing for high stakes during these few weeks of confinement but especially in the months to come. To help them reduce their costs while waiting to resume activities, the Technoport’s Board of Directors (represented by up to 55% by the Ministry of the Economy and 45% by the SNCI) has decided to pitch in to offer one month of free hosting to all its incubated companies.

“We have just taken this decision in consultation with our board of directors to support our entrepreneurs during this time in order to help them ride this wave. “confirms Diego De Biasio.

“Since mid-March, the Technoport premises have been empty, due to the lockdown. In view of the evolving situation, it seemed logical for us to give back to our members in some way and show them our support”, adds the Technoport director. “We have been in existence for 20 years and for eight years as a public limited company. We are fortunate to have a little more financial visibility than the majority of our contractors. This is the best gesture we can offer them at the moment.”

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