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The First FIFA E-League Is Born

The trend of the esports boom in Luxembourg is confirmed. Orange Luxembourg organizes the first official FIFA e-league in Luxembourg in collaboration with the Luxembourg Soccer Federation and the Luxembourg Esports Federation.

Photo: Orange Luxembourg has long been committed to the development of esports in the country / Credits © Shutterstock

The first official national e-league of FIFA will be launched in Luxembourg, in the framework of the of the EA Sports FIFA Global Series. Set up by the Luxembourg Soccer Federation(FLF) and the Luxembourg Esports Federation (LESF) in collaboration with Orange Luxembourg, this national e-league will allow the winners to access the regional playoffs of the competition.

The FIFA 21 international esports season is now underway. A competition where the world’s top FIFA players from around the world compete against each other, have started. With the work carried out during several months by the LESF and the FLF, with the support of Orange Luxembourg, an official national esports league will be created for the first time in Luxembourg under the name “Orange eLeague”.

This offers the possibility for Grand Ducal players to qualify for the regional playoffs to determine the regional champion of the FIFA 21 Global Series, the ultimate step before the FIFA eWorld Cup. “It is the first e-league to have this status at the FIFA eWorld Cup. Luxembourg gives the winners direct access to the regional playoffs. thanks to a wildcard,” says Joe Hoffmann, President of LESF.

The link between virtual and real

The recruitment of players who will participate in this national e-league has been launched. The 32 clubs of the first two soccer divisions in Luxembourg, namely the National Division and the Promotion of Honour, can each register two players, who do not necessarily have to have a license.

“As a sports federation, it is important for us to draw a link between esports and traditional sports,” says Gilles Faber, Head of Esports at the FLF. We wish to participate in the development of esports and its recognition as a sport in its own right.

A wildcard for the best club and the best individual player

Clubs can register their players until February 19, 2021. The national e-league campaign will begin on March 02, 2021. The competition will take place between March and May, with two sessions per day, in order to respect the timings set by EA Sports. At the end of the competition, the best club and the best player will be awarded with a wildcard.

“Thanks to this e-league, local talent will be able to participate in a worldwide competition. We can only welcome the creation of such a project, which also constitutes an excellent sign for esports in Luxembourg”, says Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication at Orange Luxembourg. Orange Luxembourg has long been committed to the development of esports in the country.

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