Where Is My Staff?

Jooxter launches its new application which will help companies find out who is at the office and who is teleworking on a given day.

Photo: According to Olga Lazko, Jooxter’s managing director, The company which now has 30 employees is preparing for a big take-off   / Credits © Jooxter

Jooxter, the startup that specializes in the organization and optimization of hybrid work (in-office and teleworking), participated in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021) once again this year.

The opportunity afforded the Lille-based company – hosted at EuraTechnologies – a chance to present a preview of the new version of its web and mobile application and its office occupancy application.

Officially launched on January 18th – during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis – the B2B solution enables companies to better manage the occupancy of their workspaces and to better coordinate the presence of teams on site.

“Managers and teams can book workspaces, see in real-time if colleagues are in the office or teleworking, and thus better organize their meetings and work,” explains Olga Lazko, the company’s managing director. “Following a survey of our customers, we found that 90% of them could not tell in real-time whether their employees were teleworking and/or were in the office. We found that they didn’t have a dedicated tool to know who was working where.”

“The company is planning to raise more than €5 million in capital this year, which would enable it to complete its scale-up and move to SME status.”

Preparing for a big take-off

Also hosted in Luxembourg at Le Village by CA, incubator, Jooxter already works with BDO and ArcelorMittal. It is currently in talks with financial institutions to implement the new version of its application.

In 2021, the young company, which now has 30 employees, “is preparing for a big take-off”, said Olga Lazko. “In 2020, we carried out a lot of projects. Faced with this growing demand, we had to review all our internal processes and industrialize,” adds the managing director.

“So we had to restructure, change CRM, and recruit a lot of people to get through this new stage of strong organic growth. Also, the company is planning to raise more than €5 million in capital this year, which would enable it to complete its scale-up and move to SME status.

Jooxter was founded in 2014 and has been hosted since its inception at EuraTechnologies in Lille. In 2016, Jooxter raised funds from the venture capital firm Newfund and opened an office at the Village by CA in Paris.

In 2019, the company began a partnership with Legrand, the specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, and opened an office at the [email protected], now Le Village by CA. It also has sales representatives in London.

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