Why Enterprises Must Rethink Their Defensive Systems

Digitalization makes enterprises more vulnerable to information risk. Alain Bouillé, President of the Cesin, Club of experts in digital and information security, addresses the current situation. The development of digital technology increases the risk exposure!

2017 was cataclysmic for information systems. “We were nearly confronted with the equivalent of weapons of mass destruction for information systems,” admits Alain Bouillé. However, despite the harsh blow dealt by the repeated threats and attacks to the morale of safety managers, the situation had a positive consequence: enterprises realized the importance of threats and the need to take the necessary measures to meet the challenge.

Prioritize to protect better

With the democratization of IT tools and the massive adoption of public clouds and document sharing solutions, the global security of the enterprise is called into question. “The Cloud is a risk. It’s a bit like marriage: you have to solve problems together which you wouldn’t have if you were on your own,” explains Alain Bouillé. Indeed, the security of the Cloud is necessarily the result of joint efforts of a chain of actors. “CISO (Chief Information Security Officers) also have to admit that not everything can be protected, that you have to be selective and pick and defend the most sensible data,” concludes Alain Bouillé.

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