Silicon Capital Connects Ideas With Capital

Are you tired of all the startup conferences and workshops where investors and entrepreneurs don’t really get a chance to talk? Does it feel like you are just attending the same type of event over and over again? Would you like to be part of a different type of event with a more personal touch where entrepreneurs and investors really interact? Silicon Capital is a new type of event that brings together 15 top entrepreneurs with 15 top investors in a more personal setting.

A new matchmaking experience

Finding capital can be similar to an assault course for those who don’t have the right connections, and calling a hundred investors to get 10 to 20 meetings can be frustrating. Take a second. Imagine you attend a meeting and you get 15 one-one-meetings in 2 hours? Wow! This is the purpose of Silicon Capital “a truly innovative way to bring a small number of entrepreneurs and and investors together for one-on-one meetings and meaningful dialogue.”, says Charles-Louis Machuron, founder of Silicon Luxembourg.

“Through the online startup media I launched two years ago, I already received dozens of emails of entrepreneurs who were looking for funds but didn’t have the right contacts or didn’t know how to get in touch with investors. I decided to set up this event to help them meeting a large panel of investors from VCs to business angels to personal investors”, Machuron explains. “I also received investment requests from investors who were looking for interesting startups to invest in. In order to have an efficient event I set up a small one with 15 entrepreneurs and 15 investors only”.

Following the pitch period, a networking dinner commences and investors and entrepreneurs have an opportunity to mingle with each other and continue their discussions further.

Bringing new startups to Luxembourg

The first edition has been such a success, a second edition bound to happen! “I decided to innovate for this Silicon Capital event. Last year 15 startups from 3 countries – Luxembourg, Belgium, United Kingdom – joined the event. This year, more countries will be represented.” comments Charles-Louis. “I came up with this idea as couple of foreign partners shown an interest in setting up this event in their respective country. All things considered, I decided to keep organizing the event in Luxembourg, and opened the application to foreign startups. It matches with the government’s strategy as well i.e. to attract new projects to the Grand-Duchy.” adds the organizer.

A european visibility that is totally worth talking. Luxembourg’s organizations are continuously promoting the Grand-Duchy as an innovative country and a great place to set up a company, and this event plays one’s part in this promotion. “Of course, Luxembourgish startups are more than welcomed as the event has been designed for them first and foremost. The diversity is something I deeply believe in for this new round of one-one-one meetings”, concludes Charles-Louis Machuron.

Call for startups and investors

November’s edition get off to a great start with dozens of applications already received. Startups and investors can still apply by November 15th. A one-page presentation – short description, url/links, total amount searched – has to be communicate to the organizer for a review. The startups represented can range in product and/or service provided, as well as size. There is no requirement for the type of startup that is accepted as long as it fits with investors’ interest. The organizer keeps the list of startups and investors undisclosed to both parties, until the event. The surprise is complete!

Projects admitted go from financial services, to health care, e-commerce, marketing and advertising or consumer electronics innovations. “Well-known VCs and business angels already confirmed their participation…” reveals Charles-Louis Machuron. This unique event should make more of it next year!

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  1. This is the kind of event we definitely like to see more often in our region.
    Thanks a lot for the opportunity 🙂

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